Fort Chipewyan, Alberta (April 27, 2022) – Fort Chipewyan Métis Local 125 (“Fort Chip Métis”) held a strategic planning session with the organization’s key leadership and management staff earlier this month, on April 9th. As the organization grows under new leadership, this strategic planning session was conducted to delineate the best route forward to support community development and revitalization.

 “We are fortunate to have enjoyed a really productive and successful strategic planning session,” said Kendrick Cardinal, President of the Fort Chip Métis. “We were able to reaffirm our values, to strategize some new paths for community support, and to start building a concrete plan for implementation.”

During the meeting, several key insights that will see new growth opportunities for the organization were defined. These and other insights will be released in an upcoming strategic planning document, currently under development.

“I am delighted to contribute in part to such a wonderful organization’s growth,” said Tammy Riel, Executive Director of Fort Chip Métis. “Through the strategic planning session, it has become clear that Fort Chip Métis’ future is only going to continue getting brighter.”

Fort Chip Métis has seen incredible growth over the last two years. Through continuing community consultation and executive strategic planning, a strategic plan is anticipated to be completed in the next three months and shared with the community.